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Payroll Solution: Retention with Recognition

Payroll Experts, Inc   One of the most important aspects of successful retention is an effective employee recognition program. When examining what employees are looking for in terms of benefits and pay, organizations often overlook employee recognition programs, which can be a very low-cost benefit that not only builds positive corporate culture, but also contributes […]

Time & Labor Management Solution: ReadySetWork!

By: Kortni Litster | Payroll Experts, Inc. Scheduling can be such a nightmare! Covering shifts due to illness, emergencies, vacation, and trying to shuffle people around just to make it all work can be incredibly stressful and time consuming. When I worked retail and someone would be out, I would feel so flustered trying to […]


By Carol Nibley Several years ago, I was asked to create a salary structure for a growing start up. The founders had earned the same small salary during the early years, and the company was now successful enough to pay market wages. The concern was how to compensate each of the founders fairly. Should they […]


Payroll Fact of the Day! Did you know that with automated timekeeping you’ll save money in these areas? Cut and control labor cost Reduce time it takes to process payroll Eliminate estimated punch times Minimize payroll errors Eliminate manual calculations Prevent costly “buddy punching” Streamline end-to-end payroll process Increase employee accountability & productivity Stay compliant […]

People Prefer Paperless Payroll

Payroll Fact of the Day! Did you know that, according to a 2010 National Payroll Week Survey, 69% of employees prefer to receive their payroll statements online? With our profusely popular paperless payroll, we can set that up for you!


Payroll Fact of the Day! According to a 2010 National Payroll Week Survey of 31,000 individuals, employees receive their pay in the following ways: 96% Direct Deposit 4% Paper Check >1% Paycard

Payroll: Employee Self Service

By:  Burke Brown Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done?  Thanks to continually improving technology, there are systems that can eliminate unnecessary draws on your time and streamline many of the ‘daily’ tasks you find yourself involved in as a business owner, […]

Let Payroll Experts Help Save You Time and Money

by: Burke Brown Wow… Another year in the books!  I want to give a huge thank-you to everyone, it’s been a phenomenal year here at Payroll Experts and having such amazing clients is the main reason we can say that!  I especially want to thank those of you that have referred friends and other businesses […]

Utah’s Payroll Experts offer Tips on Workers’ Compensation

by Burke Brown   Payroll Experts, Inc. Workers’ compensation for many businesses can be confusing and at times a headache, one way Payroll Experts has simplified this is through our pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation.  This helps reduce audit exposure because it is tied to actual payroll numbers.  It also eliminates the need to estimate wages as it […]

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