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When is On-Call Time Compensable?

By Jonathan K. Driggs, Attorney at Law     So, when is employee on-call time compensable?  The question is easy to answer: it depends! (boy, I just never get tired of using that tried and tested attorney response, huh?)  But seriously folks, I’m really not trying to be difficult, the answer to when on-call time […]

Community Connection:

In August, our Payroll Experts team had an opportunity to work on a rebuild with Habitat for Humanity of Utah. We look forward to future opportunities to give back to our community!


By Jonathan K. Driggs, Attorney at Law The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) imposes restrictions on what an employer may ask job applicants about their health status.  This is an area where the law simply ties the employers’ hands about what they can and cannot ask (and probably for good reason, any one of us […]


Payroll Fact of the Day! According to the Utah Labor Commission, “The Industrial Accidents Division of Utah Labor Commission, has staff available that can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim. You can reach our workers’ compensation intake staff by calling (801)530-6800 or our toll-free number for those employees outside of the Salt Lake area […]


Payroll Fact of the Day! According to a 2010 National Payroll Week Survey, 57% of employees think that higher wages are more important than better health benefits. 47% believe the opposite. Fortunately, Payroll Experts can help you give your employees both!

Happy St. Patricks Day

“For each petal on the Shamrock This brings a Wish your way– Good Health, Good Luck, and Happiness for Today and Every Day.”      – A Traditional Irish Blessing

Utah Payroll Experts Reporting: Employee Social Security Tax Reduced 2% in 2011

The 2011 Tax Relief Act, in an attempt to spur consumer spending, reduces the employee portion of Social Security Tax by 2%. The tax rate for the employee portion of the Social Security is now 4.2%.  However, the employers are not so lucky, the employer contribution remains at 6.2%.  An employee who is making $50,000 […]

Picture these Racing Experts

Racing Experts

Payroll Experts Company Christmas Party 2010 This year, we chose to have our holiday party be a little bit different.  We went to FastKart Indoor Speedway. The week leading up to the company party this year, was filled with much laughter and trash talking.  Things like, “Don’t cry when you come in second.”  “We can’t […]

Payroll and Other HR Services

In the last few months I have heard many people say, “I didn’t know you did that…” so I figured heading into the new year, with many businesses planning and setting goals, I would highlight some of the products you may not be aware of.   HR Support. Get answers to all your HR questions/issues […]

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