Get payroll freedom… and so much more!

Many companies can process payroll, but can they give you PAYROLL FREEDOM?


Your business without having to worry about tax filings, new hire reporting, garnishments, 941’s, W-2’s….the list goes on and on.


A payroll company with the expertise, technology and personalized service that still believes in knowing Your Name and Your Business.  Imagine not being a number. Imagine being able to talk to a payroll expert who knows your situation and takes the time to guide and direct you in your payroll needs. Imagine a payroll company that believes in customizing our services to your unique needs, not requiring you to customize your needs to our services. IMAGINE…PAYROLL FREEDOM delivered by Payroll Experts.

Payroll Solutions

In addition to unmatched payroll processing services, Payroll Experts offers other human resources services that are sure to simplify your job while delighting your employees.

  • Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation Payroll Experts offers XactPAY®, a pay as you go premium payment service for Hartford Workers Compensation policy holders that use Payroll Experts’ payroll services. Rather than paying for workers’ compensation insurance up to a year in advance and tying up vital cash, premiums are paid as you go – one payroll at a time.
  • Time and Attendance Our system saves both time and money. The electronic clock and online reporting improve payroll accuracy and eliminates the need to collect data and calculate time cards.
  • Human Resources Support HR Support Center will be your one-stop resource for employee management and work place compliance information. Access HR forms, checklists, policies, job descriptions and employee handbooks. The Quick Guide can lead you through critical HR processes or take advantage of unlimited phone and email HR consultations with our HR professionals.
  • Employee Benefits Our team of specialist will assist you in designing, implementing and managing a custom benefits strategy that best meets your organization’s goals.

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