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We have had the opportunity to serve many of you for years.  We are proud that we continue to provide services for our first payroll client from 12 years ago.  We have gained a significant number of new Payroll Experts clients over the last few years as we have experienced great growth.  To all of you, THANK YOU! Having received Utah’s Best of State Award for payroll and financial services 6 times, Payroll Experts has become known as one of the Best Payroll Services Companies in Utah.  We currently provide payroll services to clients in over 45 states.  Growth is fun,exciting, and yet challenging as we strive to simplify payroll and enhance benefits for you.

We value our relationships with you.   A recent experience illustrates the Payroll Experts difference that we strive to deliver to each of you.  One morning while shaving, I was thinking about a conversation I had with a fairly new client the prior day.  The client asked if we could ACH money to their HSA Administrator.  I realized that the amount they were wanting to ACH to the HSA Administrator was far greater than the amount we were deducting for the employee HSA contributions.  I suspected the client was taking the employee HSA contributions and then figuring the Employer HSA contribution and wanting to ACH the employee and employer portion to the Administrator.  I confirmed my suspicion with the client and then taught them that the employer HSA Contributions need to be reported on the Employees W-2 forms.   This employer with several hundred employees then stated,“this is why we love Payroll Experts.  We’ve been doing it this way for several years with our national payroll provider, but they never informed us of the correct way to do it.  Thank you!”  This story illustrates why Payroll Experts is different.  You know us and we know you and your business.  The power and value of personal relationships!

The same day this experience occurred, I was meeting with a friend/consultant who is helping us become more popular on Google.  I shared this experience and then he went off on a diatribe about how we need to better share our experience and expertise with our clients.  We realize that we have information/knowledge that could help our other clients as well.  This led us to thinking about a Newsletter, Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most of you know Travis, Burke and I well enough to know that we are Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn challenged!  However, we did feel comfortable creating a newsletter.  Thus  the birth of the “PAYROLLMATTERS”  Newsletter. We’ll let our more hip team members (we all know who they are!) get us going with Blogging, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In addition to the PayrollMatters Newsletter, we will also be holding a Regular Seminars on Employment Law, HR, and Payroll Issues that are confronting all of our businesses.  Recently, we all have heard a lot about immigration and how businesses are now required to use E-Verify to confirm employees are eligible to work.  Many have questions.  In our first seminar, Jonathan Driggs an employment attorney with over 18 years of experience, will address the new Utah Laws on E-Verify and Wage/Hour Compliance issues. (Watch for additional information in our PayrollMatters Newsletter).

We appreciate and value our relationships with you.  We love having the opportunity to work with and fulfill your needs for business payroll and other HR services.  As we strive to share our experience/expertise with you, and guide you through the joyful world of payroll, we welcome your comments and content suggestions to our PayrollMatters Newsletter and upcoming seminar topics.  Let us know what you would like to see discussed and we will have the “Experts” address those issues.

Mark Ward
Payroll Experts, Inc

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