A Simple and Affordable Timekeeping Solution

  • The Simple Solution Our electronic time and attendance clock is an advanced time clock that connects to the telephone line and transmits employee punches to the Payroll Experts website.  It’s the simplest alternative to laborious time card calculation.
  • Convenience and Accessibility Your employees punch in and out by the swipe of a personal time card or by entering a personal PIN. Your employee data is then available reliably and securely on the web.
  • Online Reporting From the online site, you can verify and edit employee punches and see updated totals at any time. You can run a variety of timekeeping reports online.
  • Multiple Locations Our electronic time and attendance service is especially ideal if your organization has several branches or locations, because you can connect multiple clocks to the same network. Since all of your organization’s clocks will dial into the same server, payroll data is combined in one place. Employees can even clock in on one clock, and out on another.
  • Value Delivered Our system was designed with everyday people in mind; it saves both time and money, because it improves payroll accuracy and eliminates the need to calculate time cards or collect data. Key benefits include:
    – Reduced clerical work
    Minimized employee time theft
    Online viewing and editing
    Supervisor logins
    Daily email reports
    No software to install

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